Landscaping Tips

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To many homeowners in Baltimore, MD, planting flowers and other types of plants and trees in the Spring season is a key element of making their garden look more beautiful than ever. This is also true for organizations with a large piece of land as well, ready to be landscaped by top-notch professionals. In any case and given the harsh seasons, homeowners can expect to do some extra yard work on a regular basis.

But cleaning up your yard can be one of the most exhausting tasks, especially when you have a very wide piece of land to tend to right after Autumn and Winter. The truth is, even if you hire the best landscape designer, there will still be much trash to be cleaned up in the past seasons.

Here are some of the cleanup tips you can follow to keep your yard or garden looking stunning as if Winter never arrived.

Prepare Your Gardening Tools and Garment

Before you clean up and tend to these gardening tasks, make sure that you are equipped with the right tools for that task. Prepare your gardening gloves, rake, and clippers. For larger yards or gardens, a wheelbarrow or a cart will make your work a lot easier. It can be used to help you carry stones, dirt, mulch, and other debris for disposal.

Dress Appropriately

Of course you also need to wear the appropriate attire. Since you will be working with some tools that can get dirty, wear a comfortable yet sturdy pair of shoes. You need to keep your toes protected at all times. On top of this, wear a lightweight clothing and a large hat to keep yourself cool while protecting your skin from the sun.

Rake The Ground

After blowing away the leaves in your garden, rake away grass blades that have died over the Winter. You will also find other unattractive dried leaves that need to be disposed of, so continue to loosen the topsoil more than half an inch of thatch on the ground. Spot matted patches and make sure to rake them as well. Even though Baltimore, MD only averages an inch of snow per year, you can still expect some compacted soil. Loosen it up with a rake to help incorporate more oxygen for the plants to absorb.

Rent A Rolloff Dumpster

For clean up and landscaping projects, having a dumpster container nearby will help you collect the garbage that needs to be thrown out. Because landscaping is also a form of light construction project, expect that there will be pieces of wood, rocks, dirt, and soil that need to be thrown out. Naturally, you just cannot set this aside on the streets. Rent a dumpster so that you can collect all the landscaping waste materials.

Here are other things you can do when doing a landscaping cleanup:

  • Collect the leaves and sticks and feed them to a chipper or shredder. They can be easily converted into mulch or compost for reuse.
  • More service providers are growing environmentally conscious. Separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials before the garbage pickup day. By doing so, you are helping the dumpster rental company in their endeavors for keeping the environment green.
  • Check if your trellising or gates need repairs. Seal hard surfaces to protect them from further damage. See if your driveways and patios need fixing.
  • If you are cutting large branches or an entire tree to reach the landscape design you want, make sure that you do not leave them around which may cause accidents. Dispose of them properly by immediately putting them in the dumpster.

A yard cleanup or a landscaping project will require you to get a roll-off dumpster where you can throw away all the wastes. Before you rent one of these cannisters, discuss the detailed provisions of your contract. As there are companies with stringent policies, you need to clarify their rules on throwing landscaping trash. Call 667-217-5836 to talk about your specific needs with us.